The Global Wealth Tax

Tax wealth exceeding $5 million and allocate at least a third of the revenues to lower-income countries

  • Each country should implement a wealth tax, of at least 2% per year for wealth above $5 million, 6% above $100 million, and 10% above $1 billion.
  • Half of the revenue from this minimum tax would be pooled and given to the lowest income countries to fund their infrastructure and public services.
  • Each country is free to implement an even more progressive tax, for example by taxing wealth from 1 million, or with higher rates to significantly reduce the wealth of the ultra-rich.
  • Depending on the country, 72% to 98% of the population supports a global wealth tax (see support by country). In both the U.S. and Europe, the majority of the population wants to allocate at least 30% of the wealth tax revenues to low-income countries.
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